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We are independent installers this means we do not choose from one or two manufacturers like some large company’s buying cheap one size fits all systems, we offer truly bespoke systems with high quality parts that best fits your needs and budget as our customer.

Solar Power (Photo Voltaic systems) is a means of generating re-newable energy using day light.

Panels are usually placed on a roof where there is less shading to give maximum efficiently, these are self cleaning panels and require no maintenance.

They will generate electricity that can be used for any purpose in the home or work place.

All energy generated by your Photo Voltaic system will be used first, any additional energy required will then come from the National Grid via your usual provider.

20 year tariff

For every kilowatt hour your system produces the electricity company will pay you a fixed tariff guaranteed for 20 years.

Want to know about how your solar panels will work?  

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What clients have said about our solar panel servies

We have just had PV Solar panels fitted by Telesat Communications Ltd and are very pleased with the installation, and are now benefitting from free electricity, which we can already see the daily income from our in house control panel.

The system has been fitted very neatly and indeed safely, with the workmen on the roof assisted by properly fitted scaffolding. The workmen we very courteous and left the house very clean and tidy, during fitting and at the end of the project.

Having researched the idea in depth, we found that the local firm of Telesat Communications Ltd and their team were very informative, friendly and flexible offering advice and support in the final decision of what size of system to go for.

The all important price was very competitive and we believe in the figures demonstrated in the important Feed In Tariff for our system, which is the only way it makes the installation financially viable. It is certainly better than having money in the bank at low interest rates and longer term will act as a bit of a pension fund into our retirement, not to mention the continuing free electricity. There is an 8 to 10 year payback in any event over a 25 year deal. Even if we are 50% wrong it will still be ok.

To be honest, I was not initially bothered about the Co2 savings, as it was a pure financial calculation in the decision making process, but now we can see it on the control panel it is a bit satisfying that we are also doing our bit for the environment, and should we ever want to sell the house, will add the appropriate value.We have no hesitation in recommending that you give this company a try if you are interested in having a Solar panel system installed. Have a look, it will be worth it.

Mr and Mrs L


From all the hype about solar panels in the media, and from to talking to others, I realised that the most financially beneficial move to invest in (while helping he environment and reducing my own bills) was to invest in a good company to install my own set of solar panels for me.

I first did my research on the Internet to check out the best prices for professional systems and instillations. When I contacted Telesat, they were able to offer me a better offer then I had even seen else where online. They gave me a free quote, looked at my house and helped me with all my different options available, so that I could get the most out of my system. They even mentioned about setting up a Bluetooth component so that I can see all the details about the energy I’m generating without me having to go up to my loft. Actually as it’s also solar powered, I can see what my panels are generating no matter where I am in my house.

Throughout the process Telesat have been very professional, incredibly friendly, forthcoming and the final result is great!  The panels look very slick on my house, and they are working like a dream. Just the other day I read from my inverter that I made over £6.58 in just one day. That’s not including the money I saved from using the energy the panels created during the day too. Great job, and thanks Martin, Scott, Danny and all at Telesat.”.

Mr B


Energy prices look almost certainly set to soar again given the current world situation, so it really is time to look at ways of reducing our electricity and heating costs. Microgeneration technology - solar panels, heat pumps and suchlike - has come a long way thanks to greater demand and improved efficiency. But the real turning point for the industry was the feed-in-tariff (FIT) introduced in 2010.

This guarantees that people who invested in renewable electricity technologies - usually photovoltaic (PV) panels - will receive index-linked payments for 25 years. The payments are made by your electricity supplier and are regulated by Ofgen.

As from April, a new benefit which applied to 'green' heat technologies will also come into force, so get ready to dig up the lawn and put in a ground source heat pump.

When FITs were announced last year the money experts generally agreed they were a very good deal and this is why. Whether you use all the green electricity you produce or not, the Government will pay you around £1,000 a year as a way of boosting private investment in renewable energy.

The reason we are encouraged to go green is down to hard-headed reality - the UK must meet stringent new renewable energy targets by 2020. Moreover, the figures stack up so well that you can reckon to earn between six and eight per cent tax-free on your investment: that's more than an ISA. The tax exemption is particularly attractive for higher-rate taxpayers.

Daily Express - Friday March 4th 2011

By Andrea Watson

Specialists in solar panel installation.

We are are now turning our attention to focus on becoming the most efficient installation provider of solar panels in the Lincolnshire area. We personally see PV panels as a big part of everyone's future and the Daily Express agrees: